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A Question of Trust

My Thoughts on Liberia's Workplace & Beneficiaries

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Maybe you dont know, that 20% of young men in Liberia wants a government Job, 69% wants to travel out of the country in pursuit of greener pastures, 7% wants an unskilled labor job, 3% wants to complete higher education and gain a job in an insurance, Tourism or service sector. only 1% wants to do agriculture or start a business.

on the other hand 91% of young women in Liberia without higher education but with enough means and support wants to or is running a business in Entertainment, Tourism & Hospitality sub-sector of the economy. only 1% of the well learned and educated women (those nick-named "Congo Woman") comes back from America where they spent their youthful life and starts a business, and employ local Liberians..

its not all, Big businesses and companies are owned by foreigners (mostly Lebanese). From Importation, to manufacturing, to construction or big commerce, to mining, to Tourism and departmental stores, they are largely owned by foreigners with experience, vast knowledge & big money.. (source from Independent survey). but we are not talking about stats today.

we are talking about the fact that the knowledge gap is immense, so wide you become scared for the next generation of Liberian professionals. as a stranger you would easily wonder if the 7% young Liberians decide to settle for the jobs that do not require formal or informal education; or that the well experienced and rich employers do not care about the capacity of the Liberian employee. whichever is the case, its rather alarming that thousands of Liberian youths spend years, some more than a decade doing only one thing, (with minimal or no growth) at all. so that it almost seems that Employers want Liberian employees to work like robots, "continue to do one task over and over again till I have no need for you".

Some days ago I was conversing with an experienced Liberian woman versed in human resource and education in Africa and the united States, while we explored the possibilities that abound in the human resources industry in Liberia, I learned and have come to the conclusion that the Liberian labor force needs progressive trainings and growth.. we both agreed that Employers must make it compulsory for employees to seek personal and professional development. Employers must begin to work towards increasing the capacity of the Liberian workforce, through paid and subsidized trainings backed up with raises and incentives.

Again another ugly fact we uncovered was the alarming level of dis-trust between employers and Liberian employees which justifies the lack of periodic trainings fashioned for the professional development of the Employees, the systematic neglect, the delays in salary payments and significantly low pay so that employees cannot afford a decent education to go higher in life..this dis-trust keeps the employee on the very bottom of the food chain constantly depending on the employers for everything, cannot efficiently complete a task outside their daily that an employee spends his entire youthfulness working in one position with no clue how the company runs, how the industry works or how to start a career from that Job or even a service business from their experience in the Job.

The Ngo sector in Liberia is a non-starter, A million - dollar industry, still over-run by foreign organizations and still funded by the same group of international organizations, yet relevant human resource personnels are imported from other countries...over 30years of humanitarian work, and funding for humanitarian purposes yet most local organizations needs adult supervision to instigate any impact in their community. Founders & Directors of Local CSOs & NGOs dont even care about the professional development of their volunteers, they attend all the conferences, trainings workshop alone like a carefully curated attempt to control what the members or staffs or volunteers know or can do that they become the smartest person in the we said earlier, they only want them to do one thing and one thing only till they have no need for them.

this is evil under the sun, the need for Employers to make it a culture for Employees to be trained and gain periodic and relevant professional development trainings cannot be over-emphasized. The Government on the other hand must jump on this, like it does on election day, the government must begin to mandate businesses and corporations whether local or foreign to invest in the professional development of their employees..unless the future of Liberia's workforce will be

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