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‘’The Persistent Effects of Poor Sanitation systems among Citizens living in Monrovia and the Paynesville City’’

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Waking up every morning to the latest updates or news of what’s unfolding within the capital of Liberia, Monrovia and the Paynesville City belts regarding to the poor practices of sanitation among citizens is becoming a life threatening and embarrassing situation on a daily basis. Visualizing the persistent effects of poor sanitation systems in the two cities seems to be so unhealthy, weird, very alarming and terrified. This continues to persist for a longer period of time with no tactical approaches and critical interventions, other than the delayed tactics made repeatedly by the reputable institutions responsible for city ordinance and the occasionally emergence of Citizens Voluntary actions in keeping their surrounding safe and clean.

This had overshadowed the thoughts of even the inhabitants of the both cities, and this had diverted their mindsets to blaming the various unlawful community dwellers and the Government of Liberia spontaneously through the Following municipal corporations namely: The two notable cities corporations (The Monrovia City Corporation and the Paynesville City Corporation) and the Liberia Marketing Association - L.M.A (which includes all L.M.A markets that are found within the two cities) for their misfortunes in yielding to good hygiene practices and well being for all.

It can be recorded that both cities, most especially Monrovia, was once a tidy looking city which appeared attractive because of the appreciable hygienic atmosphere. But currently as I speak, it’s again sinking and turning into filths and very hazardous environments. The market places, the schools, the street corners and roads, communities’ drainages and gutters had been the major unwanted sites for the disposal of garbage in the Paynesville City and Monrovia.

Picturing Paynesville City, a suburb east of Monrovia, Liberia. Geographically speaking, it is larger than the city of Monrovia and is expanding eastward towards the Robertsfield highway and northeastward beyond Red Light Market (one of the largest market areas in Liberia and also a major point of unwanted stockpiled of garbage disposals).

The two cities are currently affected by these poor sanitation systems and practices. The mayors of the two cities are currently taking sides with the citizens that are found in the habits of disobeying the City ordinance. As it was said few months ago, by His Lordship; Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee that he was going to enforce that all citizens living in Monrovia and its environs obey and abide by the laws governing the city ordinance with Justice and Fairness. But for the sake of the masses or partisans, he’s currently compromising and breeching some parts of the articles regarding to the City Ordinance with special emphasis on section 2 (A & B) of the city of Monrovia act that brought it into existence.

Before any other reason is discovered, this is the major reason why the two cities are becoming so filthy on a daily basis.

The ‘’WEAH4CLEAN’’ city campaign launched as understood by the Mayor, Lord Koijee; It was just a short term project that was scale up to see some cleanliness in the Monrovia and its environs by giving it a face-lift ahead of the 171st Inauguration of President George M. Weah , also a way of giving back aids in the provision of jobs for about 1,000 marginalized and poverty stricken youths. Given the facts that this project is ongoing, but Yet the two cities remains in the same state of total disarray.

Notwithstanding that, My attention had been drawn to the persistent effects of poor sanitation systems practiced among the inhabitants of these two cities.

With few statements taking from the reports of NEPAD Water Centre of Excellence which states the following issues as it relates to the Cities ordinance of Liberia reads as follows: ‘’At street corners, market places as well as schools, among others, garbage has completely taken-over, endangering the healthy sanitation of the environments.

“Celebrants” of such unsanitary conditions in Monrovia and its environs are disease-carrying flies, maggots, as well as other insects which breed faster during rainy season as we presently have at this time. Unfortunately, attempts by the Monrovia City Corporation or MCC and Paynesville City Corporation or PCC to have these conditions rectified have and continue, for the last four months, to be very unprogressive. Reason(s) for the weakness, if any, of the corporations are yet to be made public’’. We awaits to receive these reasons for their weaknesses in keeping with the laws that governs the Cities corporations.

The Persistent effects are very visible and numerous in cases, but few to be name:

· High rate of Communicable diseases among Citizens

· The Recurrent of diseases spontaneously

· Increase in the air pollution due to the stockpiled of unwanted garbage disposals

· Unsafe Environments for living, learning and working

· Contaminated foods and crops

· Unsafe drinking water and wells etc.

In conclusion, As citizens, the Disposal of garbage’s improperly and not observing and abiding by the city ordinance that governs the public health, sanitation and the general conditions of the two cities is a clear manifestation of practicing poor sanitation which is a critical issue of national concern. The MCC and PCC officials should stop breeching the laws and articles that truly governs these cities ordinances. #CleanCityIsAGoodCity #airpollutionMustEnd

Zaia Raymond Flumo

(A Medical student, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Advocate & Healthcare Educator) - +231-777-115-046/ 0886-143-201

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