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The Gazelle & The Lion

Today I would love share some lessons I have learned from the daily Life of a Gazelle and the Lion.

Drive is an excellent ingredient that makes us extra-ordinary and its absence leaves us ordinary; The gazelle wakes up every morning full of life, hope and anticipation of a future and opportunity to enjoy the good things of Life; just like me, you and your neighbor. You see we all have the same amount of hours in a day, the same days in a month and years and so on..but the difference between us is the conviction we have deep down in our hearts..

The gazelles with beautiful horns, firms legs and fine attentive ears hunts in herds, sometimes a group of 20 - 35; Every morning A gazelle looks at his friends, his family, his fellow brothers with Hope but comes to terms with fact he may lose one that day cos he knows he must outrun the weakest gazelle in the herd..he knows deep down that his survival that day depends on that singular performance of "outrunning the slowest gazelle" in the pack is key to his survival the next the sun rises from the horizon, he makes a resolve to live today, to survive no matter what, he decides death will not have him he sets out with the herd to graze for food and just enjoy life..he knows he must be attentive and vigilant peradventure the Lion is lurking in the corner, being attentive for him entails

1.spreading his ears as an antenna listening to hear any suspicious rustling of leaves or footstep of a possible predator or another prey and species.
2. stretching the veins of his nostrils to make it catches the smell of predators or fresh water which may be a salvation when bush comes to shore.

on the other hand, the Lion knows for a fact, that the king of the jungle is just a title that will not save him from the jaws of hunger, if it does not hustle, he knows starvation is as merciless as wildfire a the end of the year..when the wind is dry and the sun bakes the skin brown from white.

the Lion knows that it must be vigilant and be agile and willing to hustle or risk death.

So that both the Gazelle and the Lion must resolve everyday, at the rise of the sun to survive. that resolution is the drive, (a singular responsibility or trait) that largely contributes to the life span of both Animals. Drive also applies to us, this is what makes some people extra-ordinary, it is what makes some folks extremely rich and successful in life. Today people just go through life lifeless, their job, relationship, career, parenthood, or ministry becomes numb, no push, no enthusiasm, no passion and definitely no urgency. A wise Nigerian man once said "someone without a Job or Career should not be asking for time" cos their is no point. Drive wakes you up in the morning and reminds you to pursue your career or dreams. it helps you maintain a positive..before you get on with your day remember that "Drive is an excellent ingredient that makes us extra-ordinary and its absence leaves us ordinary"

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