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Times Have Changed

An Epistle for Entrepreneurs in Liberia  

Dear Entrepreneurs & Hustlers

As you get up today and align your minds to the goal you have set out to accomplish today, this month, this year; dont forget to Pray and Trust your Guts. Dont be scared to Fail & Start Again. Times Really have changed. Dont Compare yourself with anyone, and promise not to blame or curse the Liberian Government today.

An influencer in the Liberian Economic scene was told me that "Liberians are serial entrepreneurs" this statement soon became a large motivating factor for me in helping startup business grow, get noticed and generally excel in the Liberian market. many entrepreneurs are asking the government to give 100% retail rights to Liberians; from their perspective it makes sense. but the government may not be considering that course of action any time soon. majority of entrepreneurs are retailers; but there is shift to manufacturing & innovation. its slow but gradual; This is must however be the destination of Entrepreneurs and startup businesses in Liberia. But whatever your hustle or story is, getting noticed and staying a trend is and must be a cardinal objective for you and your business.

Whatever you do, be it service delivery or Products; you will bear witness with me that the way clients decide before they place an order has changed, you will also bear witness that no matter how much sales or business you make daily, you always need good marketing, Perfect Customer feedback & More profit.

Our Buyers are on the defensive; skillfully blocking out all unwanted sales approaches from general hordes of suppliers of everything. Unless there is a prior relationship in Place, advertising does not make the phone ring, direct mail goes directly in the bin and sales people don't even get a foot in the door.

In fact, 9 out of 10 business buyers say that when they are ready to buy, they will find/Call you.

Now Buyers educate themselves. Thanks to the power of Internet, they research their own problems, identify their suppliers. All without talking to a single one.

Reaching & Influencing this type of Buyers requires a total different approach. a radical shift from the traditional promotion to Inbound marketing. this is the kind of Marketing that attracts and keeps the customer coming back over and over again.

so I implore you to explore the world of Inbound Marketing; Learn its strategies and apply them, so you can get noticed and stay a Trend. you are always welcome to this space, we will continue to provide & share reliable, practical and effective insights & tools that will help you grow your business.

Yours Sincerely.

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