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Marketing 101

What is Marketing?

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Till today, there is no definite or wholesome definition for Marketing, If you work in a marketing role or do Marketing like I do, it's probably difficult for you to pinpoint a finite meaning of marketing even though you see and use it every day -- the term marketing is really all-encompassing and variable for a straightforward definition. for me I think definitions have a way of restricting us from comprehending the true depth of what we are exploring; but then again definitions help us develop and explain theories that we can sell as ideas to anyone willing to learn about whatever we exploring. Today we will explore marketing from diverse angles and maybe try to pick up one or more ideas that we can understand and tailor in context to our reality and immediate needs.

sometimes we jump into quick conclusions in terms of what marketing means like defines marketing as, "the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising." The selling part, for instance, overlaps a little more than needed with a "what is sales" definition, and the word advertising makes me think of Mad Men brainstorming sessions.

Come to think of it, Marketing is present in all stages of the business, beginning to end. seriously, think about it, Marketing is the bed-rock for product development, or a sales pitch, or retail distribution. this is why your marketer have his/her finger firm on the pulse of your consumer persona. They research and analyze your consumers all the time, conducting focus groups, sending out surveys, studying online shopping habits, and asking one underlying question: "Where, when, and how does our consumer want to communicate with your business?" (if your marketer dont do this, fire him/her, if you dont have a marketer? call us) 

Marketing is as old as markets itself, But Modern marketing began in the 1950s when people started to use more than just print media to endorse a product. As TV -- and soon, the internet -- entered households, marketers could conduct entire campaigns across multiple platforms. And as you might expect, over the last 70 years, marketers have become increasingly important to fine-tuning how a business sells a product to consumers to optimize success. In a nutshell our current working theory of marketing is the process of getting people interested in your company's product or service. This happens through market research, analysis, and understanding your ideal customer's interests. Marketing pertains to all aspects of a business, including product development, distribution methods, sales, and advertising. Next week we will be considering the Types of Marketing and how you can leverage on a blend of marketing types to improve and grow your business. #StayTunned

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