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Marketing 102

Types of Marketing & How Your Leverage on Each Type.

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Today, there are dozens of places one can carry out a marketing campaign; Studying trends and market forces, who can almost make an informed decision about where and how to market his/her products and services. but then the scarcity of needed resources cant allow any business leadership to just randomly choose a marketing type without thinking about the ramifications of this decision. there is a truck load of marketing types or styles that can give you result depending on the result you envision, the work you put, the quality of human resource you engage in the marketing, the price of the product and/or service you are selling, the value preposition of the business and the relationship your brand have with the people;
Today we are going to consider a couple of these marketing types and see how we can leverage on a them either individually or collectively or a combination of some of them..


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Where your marketing campaigns live depends entirely on where your customers spend their time. It's up to you to conduct market research to determine which types and which mix of types is best for building & Marketing your brand. Here are several types of marketing that are relevant today, some of which have stood the test of time:

  • Internet Marketing: Inspired by an Excedrin product campaign that took place online, the very idea of having a presence on the internet for business reasons is a type of marketing in and of itself. This is perhaps the most overwhelming, very low-risk and Highly fruitful decision a business owner will make to put his/her business on the internet. There are numbers of ways how can put his her business on the internet including Blog, Podcast, social media, Wesbite, google search engine etc. 
  • Search Engine Optimization: Abbreviated "SEO," this is the process of optimizing content on a website so that it appears in search engine results. It's used by marketers to attract people who perform searches that imply they're interested in learning about a particular industry. This is helpful for startups so that they favorable compete with big names in the internet. Artificial Intelligence has made it possible for big brands to learn about your shopping habits, political interest and general social behaviour online, so they tailor their advertisement targeting you so they can appeal to you. SEO uses this data to your advantage as a small business.. it helps a good percentage of your clients and would be customers to see & understand how your product can help them. 
  • Blog Marketing: Blogs are no longer exclusive to the individual writer. Brands now publish blogs to write about their industry and nurture the interest of potential customers who browse the internet for information. its like having a journal but its accessible for everyone, this journal is where you pen down your product, its uniqueness, its differentiating factor and its power; its where you create and maintain a humanlike - friendly relationship with your clients and would be customers. Blog Marketing has come to stay, small businesses and startups must key into this type for marketing so they can scale their business and grow exponentially through strong & good standing communication channel with their clients. 
  • Video Marketing: While there were once just commercials, marketers now put money into creating and publishing all kinds of videos that entertain and educate their core customers or strangers; video marketing has become trend, everyday new tools are developed to optimize video making to obviously sell an idea, inspire social change, Inform/Educate etc. Videos have proven to be powerful tools capturing the attention and interest of a anyone. sincerely we can not be able to exhaust the importance of  Video Marketing today, but this is a very powerful type of Marketing. 
  • Print marketing: As newspapers and magazines get better at understanding who subscribes to their print material, businesses continue to sponsor articles, photography, and similar content in the publications their customers are reading. This type of Marketing is eternal, every business whether small or big must budget no matter how small for any or every form of print marketing, as it has its own way of convicting people of their bad choices and communicating the ideals of the product or service being advertised. 
  • Social media marketing: Businesses now use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and similar social networks to create impressions on their audience over time. there is no quid-pro-quo to this, it takes take, it requires patience and consistency, effort and financial investment cos the reward is far more enduring than your front-lawn billboard. As a business owner or startup if you do not have an facebook page for your business yet you are way too late and this is inversely killing your business.  
Marketing is not something to be looked or addressed nonchalantly as we can see with many small businesses and startups around us, Marketing is the bed rock of our product development, the determining factor of our product price; marketing help us share our the essence of the product to the consumers. Next week will learn the link and relationship between Marketing & Advertisement. surprise right? oh yea they two different but intertwined subjects.. but we will see this next week. #StayTunned #KeepWinning
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