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Small Businesses & Social Media

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There are 3 issues or existential questions most small business (On a Global Scale) are faced with, which sometimes threaten the existence of the business or continued growth of the business are
1. Do people know who I am?
2. Do people know what I do?
3. Do people know where they can find me?

When it comes to small businesses, every little way to get ahead of your competition counts. There’s just no other way around it. Small business owners don’t have the luxury to neglect any opportunity for exposure, so they need to pay close attention to every aspect of their company.

So solving or answering those existential questions are easy, Social Media is a great and brave first step. Cos a good social media strategy will go a long way to help an small business in more ways than a few:

Brand Exposure a Cheaper Rate:

Small businesses usually can’t afford the high advertising costs of TV ads, outdoor banners, fliers, leaflets and commercial prints, and have a hard time attracting customers to their ‘shop’. While online ads are a lot cheaper than advertising on TV or outdoors, cost still vary depending on your brands activity and results as per time required. This is why social media is the best alternative for small businesses. With social media, not only is it free to promote your products, your services, and your company, but you also have the capacity of controlling the entire communication process. You decide how much you want to get involved and you decide who to target in order for your company to get in touch with future clients. Social media is a must for small businesses and the these reasons are one of the most important on why it is crucial to have a strong online presence.

Opportunity to be Customer Centric

Aside allowing you to promote your business, thus increasing the chances of landing new clients, social media is the best place to go (as a small business) in order to start knowing your customers.

Social media is the place where your customers are already spending a lot of time, all you need to do is start analyzing their behavior. Start interacting with them. Ask them about their needs. Respond to their questions regarding your company. Collect the feedback and start making modification to your product/service, if the situation calls for it. Soon you will have a more adaptable product to the current market needs and you will have already had established a relationship with your future clients.

A Garden of Options

You may not find your future clients on social media right away. Big changes don’t just happen over night and you will not (most probably) be getting clients calling you the next day after you have set up your social media accounts. No, it simply doesn’t work like that, but no need to worry. It’s still a whole lot easier, more efficient and cost-effective than any other available methods for businesses on a budget.

Let’s say you have created your Twitter account and started tweeting about your products, services, your company, your industry, and you may have even started interacting with a few prospects. However, new clients are still not coming. What should you do? Well, the good news is that if something doesn’t work on Twitter (let’s say) right away, you can always switch to LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, or wherever you think the majority of your target audience may be present. With over 2 billion people on social media, your clients are certainly on one of the networks.

Social media is a definite must not just for small business owners, but for all companies. However, when you have a small business, or when you’re just starting out as a company, if you’re not present on social media, you basically don’t exist. And when you don’t exist, it’s pretty hard to find new clients. Social media is not just important for small businesses, it’s essential.

It just takes time to get to know a social network, its mechanism and the way people interact on it. If you put in the time to develop your brand’s social accounts and interact with people on a constant basis, you’ll get to collect the fruits of your labour and build steady business relationships with your clients on the long term.

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