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The Customer


· Entrepreneurship,Business,Relationship

Customer Relationship Management is a major challenge for most businesses, in the part of the world, most business owners do not concern themselves with this detail because of the widespread poverty and ignorance; but this issue continue to become a relevant topic and determinant factor for customer retention and market share of the business.

Every organization or entity or group that needs people's time, money, energy or attention need to understand customer relationship management which is critical to the growth and continuity of the organization.

unfortunately many people do not understand who their customers are, who their customers should be, where their customers are, how they can get their customers' attention, and when they customers come, how they can manage their customers to ensure they keep coming back and buying more and more stuff.

In this "The Customer" Series, we will examine all the above "things to know" about your customer so that you can apply this knowledge and consequently grow effectively and fast as much as possible.

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