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Complacency, An Unnecessary Evil

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A couple of Nights ago, i saw the 7th Episode of The Walking Dead Season 8. I always admire the artistry of Rick Grimes; The Lead Role; but this episode for some reason got me thinking from the beginning when it all started, at that time I remembered arguing with a friend that the Zombies was a Stage in the Evolution of Man (according to the movie), while he argued that it was a virus outbreak. we all prayed for a quick solution, some government intervention, but nothing came; in Rick Grimes World today, the virus has stayed and dominated too long its now accepted as the reality; nothing can be done about it.

Complacency has eaten deep into our society, like a Virus it has imposed itself on our reality like a norm, like a culture; People do not care any longer if the standard should go higher, it is always too high. why are people complacent? this question has lingered in my heart too many a night, i feel obliged to ink it out so maybe you will suggest an answer, why are entities and businesses and causes too complacent? People no longer care if they can do better? what did happen to being Better, going the extra mile, Self application, trying everything? People no longer care about Challenging themselves to know more, be more or do more;

Don Meyer argued that Complacency is the fore-runner of Mediocrity. you can never work too hard on Attitude, Effort or Technique. No matter how good you are, you can be Better, no matter how much award you have and attained, there is still more you can be and achieve. The most provoking of them is Businesses becoming extra complacent, especially here in Monrovia City, Business Owners wake up tired to improve, to do better and be better than yesterday. This menace generally amazes me, sometimes it sparks bits of Laughter. This is why; one thing I know to be true is that Human needs are insatiable, People will always have needs and its businesses and entities that should or are required to provide solutions for these needs through humans who run them. another thing I know to be true is that human needs evolve with time, and solutions should evolve as well. for example, the Challenges of communication 30 years ago, is not what it is today, so if you run a communications company today since 30years ago, your solutions have evolved into something relevant today. the same goes for every industry, as a business if you are not willing to evolve and adapt new approaches, if you are unwilling to learn and improve your solutions, your solutions will become obsolete and you will lose relevance in your industry and society. I also know that there are thousand of solutions in the market in different shapes, sizes and value proposition, so if you don't get noticed, no matter how good your solution is, people who should will not know about your solution. Another thing I know to be true, is that the Goal of a Business should be to solve a problem in the society for a fee; and for continuity purpose, this Business must grow.

So many reasons & factors are responsible for Business Growth, amongst them is new customers must be added to old customers daily and customer loyalty is prime. but you see customer loyalty, repeat purchase, customers referrals are a result of good understanding of what your business/solution is by the customer and the perfect way for this to happen is through branding & marketing. Effective and inclusive Branding & marketing, gets your business to the top and help it remain there. but you see the complacency virus makes businesses in Monrovia city (especially those ran by indigenous Liberians to settle for a handful of customers who will purchase their solution daily. most Monrovia Business owners are not willing to see farther than their nose, farther than the current reality on ground, they feel fulfilled when they blame the government for their   misfortune, customer patronage and luck, they rest when the business can take care of their needs with some pocket change. This is why they don't pursue knowledge, they don't persevere, they don't invest in Branding & marketing, they don't care if they meet industry standards, they don't attach value to professionalism, their Customer relationship is beyond poor, they don't save and they absolutely do not plan. if the Business can meet their needs now, they are fine and good to go.

Complacency is an unnecessary evil, though its a Virus, total healing is self-administered. complacency comes when one feels he has succeeded and cant succeed any better than he has. there is always a Milestone to achieve.

Best Regards

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