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Who is your Customer

The Customer Series : Identifying Your Market.

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Defining & branding your product, understanding your product benefit, using a value Preposition model to understand the problems and pain points your product can solve are issues to tackle first to truly understand who your customers are. you see when you answer the above questions you can almost come to a conclusion of who needs your products and your services.

many entrepreneurs dont even understand their product or service; they just know what their product does or can do; but they cant say exactly the categories of customers that needs their products. so for example, A farmer farms Rice. He knows that every household eats rice; so he farms and sells to retailers or Wholesalers. The Wholesalers on the other hand is smart, he understands the value chain of rice, so he understands the different categories of customers that need rice.

He contacts the politician who wants to campaign to be voted for to buy rice at a low cost from him and share with people on his campaign train, the wholesaler brands this particular rice for the politician or political institution so that this Politician is a customer! The 5 star hotel also buys this rice for there restaurant, the 5star hotel is a customer. A liquor company buys the rice to ferment it and use it as an ingredient for a new drink, etc... Some customers need the processed parboiled rice, some customer needs the rice seed or nursery bed, A rice mill may buy the rice harvest to process and sell; A bakery may need the rice flour or grain to make bread and other confectioneries; understanding what your product is and problems it can solve is very important and cannot be over-emphasized.

When you understand your products you can most certainly streamline who your customers are and who they should be. When you understand your product well, you can also streamline who your staffs should be. An Entrepreneur and or business owner with a Product that is well understood needs the right people to design, make and brand the product. These people must believe in the vision of the entrepreneur or business owner to be able to effectively give there best in designing, Making and branding the product.

These people are also customers of the company. They are customers because they buy into the vision of the organization with their time, energy and intellect. They give their time (everyday), their Energy & Intellect to help the entrepreneur achieve his vision.

Salary is a token of appreciation for time, energy and intellect and not payment. you cannot pay someone for their time, energy and or intellect. So to put it plainly A Customer is anyone, any organization or interest that need your product. (who they are in particular is your home work as an entrepreneur and or business owner); Also A customer is anyone or group of persons who help you achieve your goal as a business owner or entreprenuer by giving their time, energy and intellect.

Understanding who your customer are? is good for your business and business goals.

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